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23 Oct 2018 - 24 Oct 2018
Maribor, Slovenia
ESIC 2018 – East Slovenia Investment Compass

Matchmaking - Steps

1. Registration | until October 15th 2018


From the beginning of registration to the event, there will be regular e-mail updates explaining what you need to do next. For registration you can as well use your LinkedIn profile as well as your Google+ profile.

Set up a profile

During registration create a strong profile which will raise your visibility and interest to others on this platform.  Make it clear and concise. Your profile should describe who you are, what you can offer potential partners and who you want to meet. A good profile will generate significantly more meetings. Don't forget your profile will be live and visible even after the Event.

Description of the investment projects:

one registered person can describe more investment projects. Strong description of the prepared investment project will enhance your visibility to potential investors, consultants and to other potential partners. 


Please use the icon "+ Add Product" for descriptions of your investment projects. Each participant can add and describe more than one project. Please add at least one picture of the project in the size of 3-5MB for the catalogue. 

Please use the icon "+ Add Investment Opportunity" for descriptions of potential developers and financial and investment possibilities/instruments that are available from the participant. More than one description is possible.

2. Invoice sent by e-mail

After registered the invoice will be sent to your e-mail.

Registration fee is 190,00 EUR + TAX.

Registration fee includes:

  • ESIC 2018 Conference,
  • ESIC 2018 B2B Meetings,
  • beverages and meals during breaks on the first and second day of the event,
  • lunch on the first day of the event,
  • dinner on the first day of the event and welcoming reception,
  • electronic catalogue,
  • printed catalogue.

3. Payment | August 1st – October 16th 2018

Please make your payment in accordance with received invoice. When your payment is confirmed by the main organizer, your profile will be visible to others registered to the ESIC 2018.  

Nevertheless, in the meantime you can edit your profile and investment projects.

4. Confirmation of the payment

When your payment is confirmed by the main organizer, you will receive a confirmation via e-mail.

5. Request meetings and build connections | September 1st – October 19th 2018

Request meetings

Be active not reactive. Browse published participants profiles and send meeting requests to those you want to meet at the event. Adding a meaningful remark why you are interested in a meeting will increase the chances that your request is accepted. Accepted meeting requests will be scheduled automatically.

Build connections | 23-24th October 2018

About 1-2 days before the event you will receive an email with your detailed meeting schedule. You can also check your meeting agenda online or via the b2match app.


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