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23 Oct 2018 - 24 Oct 2018
Maribor, Slovenia
ESIC 2018 – East Slovenia Investment Compass

Terms of Use - ESIC 2018


By making an application, the following “General Terms of Participation” are deemed to be accepted.

Organizers of the event are regional development agencies: Mariborska razvojna agencija, Razvojna agencija Savinjske regije d.o.o., Razvojni center Murska Sobota, Razvojni center Novo mesto d.o.o., RRA KOROŠKA regionalna razvojna agencija za Koroško regijo d.o.o. in RRA Zeleni kras, d.o.o.. Mariborska razvojna agencija represents all stated organizers in all legal transactions linked to the event – the main organizer. In case of doubt or further questions, please contact the responsible assigned data manager:

Dijana Bestijanić 

Mariborska razvojna agencija, Pobreška cesta 20 (Maribor) 



1. Registration 

Registrations for cooperation events are made via the registration function on the B2Match internet site https://esic-2018-east-slovenia.b2match.io/.

The main organizer does not guarantee the accuracy and truthfulness of the data collected in the registration process. Therefore, participants are asked to fill in a registration profile and description of investment projects comprehensively and with care.

The participants alone are responsible for the potential disclosure of business secrets in the registration process, investment project descriptions and during participation at the event.


2. Payment conditions

After the registration the participants will receive invoices via e-mail. Payment is due on the day specified in the invoice. Only after the payment has been confirmed by the main organizer, will the profile and investment projects be seen by other participants.


3. Withdrawal and termination 

The participant can withdraw from the event if he/she informs the main organizer of this in writing at least 30 days before the start of the event. Decisive in this is the receipt of the withdrawal declaration by the main organizer. Any payments already made will be reimbursed in full in this case. If the withdrawal is not made in due time, the participant is not entitled to reimbursement of the payment.


4. Change of time schedule and speakers 

The main organizer reserves the right to change the timing of the event and key note speakers. Participants will be informed promptly about changes by e-mail. 


5. Liability 

The liability of organizers, the owners of the event premises, or persons employed by these for damages, in particular for those arising from accidents, damage, loss, or theft, is excluded, unless the damages are based on intent or gross negligence on the part of the organizers or his/her vicarious agents. 


6. Processing of personal data 

By applying, the applicant agrees that his/her personal data will be processed by the main organizer in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and, where appropriate, published in a list of participants and passed on to speakers/lecturers. 

The data will be used solely for the purpose of executing the event as well as for information in connection with the topic of the event, for that reason the information will be stored until the conclusion of it. Only contact details will be conserved in the future in order to inform the participants just in case the same event will be organised in following years by the same organiser.

The personal data collected for the executing of the event are gathered under the consent of the participant during the complete registration process. These are: Full name, e-mail, type of participation, job position, phone number, profile picture, organisation name, organisation type, website, organisation description, organisation logo, country, state province, city, zip code and address.

Personal data and contact data, that are submitted as part of the description of investment projects for the catalogue, will be published in the catalogue and will be available to the general public with no commercial purpose.


7. Image recording 

By applying, participants in cooperation events consent to the recording of the image of their person in connection with the event, as well as to the use and publication of these images for the purposes of public news coverage of the cooperation event.

The organizer also notifies hereby that the photographs can be accessed on the internet worldwide by the public. Subsequent use of these photos by third parties therefore cannot be generally ruled out. The organizer is not responsible for the possible use of photographs by third parties.


8. Uploads 

In uploading files on to the platform (including any photographic material), participants who upload (Uploaders) guarantee that all rights to the uploaded material necessary for the publication on websites accessible worldwide for an unlimited time period have been secured by the Uploader on time and on their own authority. This includes, in particular, copyright and performance protection, trademark and personality rights and in this context, in particular, reproduction and dissemination rights and the processing rights required for publication. Further, the Uploader ensures that the organizer is not required to credit the copyright holder/ performance protection rights holder of the uploaded material by name and that the uploaded material does not contravene statutory regulations. These guarantees mentioned above are necessary since the organizer will not check uploaded content for any possible infringements of rights without receiving any special indications that this is necessary. 

By uploading material, the rights of use described above are transferred non-exclusively to the organizer. This does not include a transfer of these rights to third parties. In return for the transfer of rights of use, the Uploader is given the right to publish the uploaded material on the website. 

The Uploader releases the organizer at first request from all claims by third parties that the uploaded material violates their rights or contravenes statutory provisions. This also applies when claims are made against the organizer’s representative or vicarious agent rather than the organizer. This release also includes the compensation of any costs incurred by the organizer or his/her representatives or vicarious agents as a result of the exercising of rights. 

Finally, the Uploader guarantees that the uploaded content is free from viruses, worms, Trojans, or other programs and/or data which may endanger or affect the functionality or the existence of the platform.

9. Protection of intellectual property

All participants in the event undertake to respect the intellectual property of the other participants and will not be abused for their own benefit.


10. Disputes  

In the case of disputes, the applicable law in the Republic of Slovenia shall be applied.

11. User rights

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation is active and this paragraph intends to inform the user about their rights. It is particularly important to inform that these registered participants have at any time the right to revoke the consent to the use of their personal data. Their request for information, deletion, correction, or data transfer, unless this is a disproportionate effort, shall be addressed to the responsible data manager immediately, who will assist them with their query. 

For a more in-depth examination of the rights that compete with it, see articles 15 and successive of the 2016/67 EU Regulation and the art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003.

12. Changes to this document

In case of significant modifications or variations of the "Terms of Use" of the event, these will be reported with appropriate notifications to the users. Otherwise any minor revision will be published on the website of the event. 

The document was updated on 09/07/2018 to comply with the relevant regulations, in particular in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679.


Closed since 22 October 2018


Ulica kneza Koclja 22
2000 Maribor, Slovenia

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Participants 59
Meetings 22


Austria 1
Belgium 1
Croatia 1
Germany 1
Hungary 1
Luxembourg 2
Slovenia 70
Turkey 1
United Kingdom 2
United States 2
Total 82


Company 34
Investor 3
Municipality and other public sectors 22
Other 13
Total 72